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M.Sc student receives Novo Scholarship

Cecilie Skeby, Masters student in Prof. Jørgen Kjems' group has received a Novo Scholarship. Read about her project below.

2014.01.09 | Kaj Mikael Jensen

Cecilie Skeby, a molecular medicin student, has recently been awarded a Novo Nordic Scholarship, providing her with financial support for the duration of her Masters project.

The Novo Nordic Scholarship program offers a year of support to more than 30 master students to complete their thesis in broad range of subjects related to Novozymes' or Novo Nordisk’s research areas. The purpose is to allow selected, talented students to devote full time to their MSc thesis.

Cecilie Skeby will be working under supervision by Prof. Jørgen Kjems (iNANO and Dept. Of Molecular biology and Assoc. Prof. Kamille Smidt Rasmussen (Dept. Of biomedicin).

During her project Cecilie will attempt to increase the growth of beta cells using a circular RNA molecule, called Circular RNA Sponge of miR-7. Hopefully this will activate the growth of beta cells which in turn could lead to higher insulin-production in patients. 

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