Research Centers

Centers from the Strategic Research Council

CEM -Center for Energy Materials

Novel enzymes of industrial relevance: specialised proteolytic enzymes for release of new bioactive peptides (NOVENIA) ended 2014

The Danish Council for Independent Research | Technology and Production

Scanning Probe Microscopy as a tool for protein identification.

Solid Sources of Carbon Monoxide

Rare Biomarker Measurement using Smart Nanopore

Participation in EU-FP7 projects

Nanoyou:  Nano for Youth (2009-2011)
Contact person: Duncan Sutherland

3DnanoBioDevices: Three-dimensional nanobiostructure-based self-contained devices for biomedical application (2009-2012)
Contact Person: Duncan Sutherland

INGENIOUS Innovative Nanostructured Optochemical Sensors (2009-2012)
Contact person: Duncan Sutherland

Pico-Inside: computing inside a single molecule using atomic scale technologies
Contact person: Flemming Besenbacher
Challenging the hidden HIV: understanding the block on transcriptional reactivation to eradicate infection (Hidden HIV Challenge)
Contact person: Jørgen Kjems

RNA interference technology as human therapeutic tool (RIGHT)
Contact person: Jørgen Kjems

Silencing RNAs: organisers and coordinators of complexity in eukaryotic organisms (SIROCCO)
Contact person: Jørgen Kjems

Contact person: Niels Chr. Nielsen

Contact person: Niels Chr. Nielsen