One of the greatest challenges confronted by all societies today is to integrate environmental sustainability with economic growth and welfare. Decoupling environmental degradation from economic growth and, in general, performing more with less is a key answer to this challenge.

The growing demands from all societies for more energy and other resources suggest that CO2 atmospheric concentrations will continually increase. So rather than considering anthropogenic CO2 as a problematic by-product destined for removal or storage, a sustainable solution is to regard this molecule as a valuable source for the production of fuels and as a viable feedstock for the synthesis of value-added bulk chemicals.

The aim of the Carbon Dioxide Activation Center (CADIAC) is to unveil fundamentally new science for the activation of carbon dioxide, thereby providing smart sustainable solutions for the exploitation of CO2 as a valuable reagent to high-value chemicals of industrial importance.

Our approach on this challenge is through a unique and multifaceted research effort merging strong nanoscience and chemistry competences in transition-metal catalysis, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, and hybrid organic/inorganic materials with the aim of developing new and efficient catalytic systems for converting CO2 into high-value compounds.

CADIAC presentation video

Contact information:

Carbon Dioxide Activation Center

Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center

Gustav Wieds Vej 14

8000 Aarhus C


Center Director

Professor Troels Skrydstrup
Office: 1590-342
Phone: +45 8715 6757
Email: ts@chem.au dk




Scientific core member

Professor Kim Daasbjerg
Office: 1511-415
Phone: +45 8715 5965
Email: kdaa@chem.au.dk



Center Manager

PhD Birgitte Lodberg Pedersen
Office: 1590-344
Phone: +45 8715 5758
Mobile: +45 2618 5206
Email: blp@inano.au.dk