Group Members

Dr. Madhu Nagaraj

Courtesy of Lars Kruse from AU.

Dr. Madhu Nagaraj works on functional amyloids.

He did his PhD at Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig with Prof. Christiane Ritter.

His postdoctoral work was performed at FMP Berlin & Braunschweig focusing on ssNMR and DNP studies of functional amyloids under the supervision of Dr. Barth Rossum and Prof. Hartmut Oshkinat.

He then joined Akbey Lab and continue his work on functional amyloids.


Kristoffer Basse

Courtesy of Lars Kruse from AU.

Kristoffer submitted his PhD thesis, and waiting for his defence.

He did his work with Prof. Niels Nielsen in the field of solid-state method development.

He joined to Akbey Lab and will continue to work on developing advanced solid-state NMR methods for studying structure and dynamics of proteins.


Dr. Morten Bjerring

Courtesy of Lars Kruse from AU.

Morten is the facility manager of the Biomolecular NMR group at iNANO/Department of Chemistry at AU.

He did his PhD and postdoctoral studies with Prof. Niels Chr. Nielsen in solid-state NMR working with method development as well as applications with both biological samples and material research. As a facility manager he takes part in a variety of applied projects involving NMR with internal and external collaborators.

He is supporting Akbey Lab with instrumentation-based development, solving of experimental problems as well as taking part in the scientific projects.


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