Bachelor and Master Science Projects


 We develop biosensors for cancer diagnostics and neuroscience research (in collaboration with Aarhus University and Skejby Hospitals), food and environmental analysis. These biosensors are based on enzymes, antibodies, DNA, and RNA aptamers. Another research direction involves development of novel energy sources, exploiting DNA antennas, nanocatalysts and enzymes for sunlight transformation.


cancer spiral


You will study electrochemical and optical (UV-vis and fluorescent spectroscopy) techniques to follow redox reactions of DNA and enzymes at electrodes and surface probe techniques (SEM, TEM, AFM) to characterize nanostructured electrode materials and nanoparticles.

potent cell




“Electron transport in DNA”

“Electroanalysis of saliva- and blood-circulating cancer biomarkers: 1). microRNA and 2). proteins”

“Electroanalysis of neurotransmitters activity in brain”

“Hybrid photovoltaic-biofuel cells”

“Reconstitution of enzymes onto supramolecular linkers and nanoparticles”

“Activation of enzymes by polymers and nanoparticles”

“Prevention of surface corrosion by enzymatic antifouling activity”

“Electroanalysis of mycotoxins and antibiotics in food and environment”



Examples of accomplished bachelor projects

“Development of a biofuel cell peroxidase biocathode”

“Electrochemical switching DNA biosensors”

“Bi-enzyme electrodes for analysis of glucose and cholesterol in human serum”

“Electroanalysis of amyloid formation of Parkinson’s disease alpha-synuclein”