NanoPharmaceutical Lab (Ken Howard)

Ken Howard

Welcome to the website of the "NanoPharmaceutical Lab" headed by Associate Professor Ken Howard­­­­ 

The group focuses on the development of advanced delivery technology for 1) Therapeutic applications and 2) Tools to investigate cellular processes and disease progression. Main areas of research are nanomedicine, surface engineered nanoparticles, and natural stealth nanocarriers with focus on modulation of mucosal immunity in disease. The interdisciplinary setting at iNANO is an ideal environment for this drug delivery initiative with availability and significant overlap of expertise's ranging from basic natural science, nanotechnology to biomedical science. Involvement of a network of national and  international collaborators from both industry and academia are an essential component in the research activities and technology transfer process. A focus is incorporation of the group activities into educational programmes in the field of nanomedicine at Aarhus University, including a graduate course in nanomedicine, and a PhD course in gene silencing therapeutics.

Research Areas

Albumin-based drug delivery
Mucosal Inflammation
Nano-Shells and Stealth