Bachelor & Master Projects

Writing a bachelor assignment or a master thesis in the NanoPharmaceutical Lab, you will become familiar with the methodology within the field of nanomedicine. You will be introduced to laboratory work and how to design experiments to solve problems. Furthermore, you will become member of our research group, and learn how to utilise this to solve your problems. Through the project you will learn to write a lab book as well as bi-weekly reports on the progress of your work, as well as you will be presenting to group meeting.

Available Project's

  • Cellular Receptor Intake of Albumin
  • Cellular Trafficking of Albumin

  • Drug Loading of Exosomes
  • Biodistribution of Exosomes

  • Polymer Drug Conjugate-Based Therapeutics for Inflammatory Diseases

  • Biomaterials: Prevention of Pathogenesis at Mucosal Surfaces

Each of the projects will be tailored to fit with a bachelor assignment or a master thesis