iNANO Visualization Lab

The Visualization Lab offers a research programme for optimizing scientific data design and scientific imagery in contemporary bio- and nanoscience. The rapid increase of molecular and nanoscale data in contemporary science has produced an urgent need for developing new visual frameworks and tools to explore, analyze and communicate data. The Visualization Lab will make scientific imagery a concerted interdisciplinary effort at Aarhus University during the next couple of years. Through critical assessment of tools and methods, and investigation of the dissemination, semiotics, and reception of scientific visual representations, the Visualization Lab produces workable graphic solutions for bio-nanoscience data. The Visualization Lab develops innovative visual solutions for contemporary scientific imagery, creates integrated visual systems based on graphic design and animation, and develops educational strategies in science visualization for scientists. The main objects of the Visualization Lab is to produce a new graphic standard framework for molecular and nanoscale science; and to develop exploratory 3D animations specific for bio-nanoscience data analysis using high-end 3D software initially developed for the art and entertainment industry.

3D modeling with Autodesk Maya

One of the main research tasks of the Visualization Lab is to use software similar to that used to create animated special effects in Hollywood productions, including Autodesk Maya. Data is pulled from various sources to create three-dimensional visualizations communicating complex nano-scale concepts. More importantly, we investigate how animation and graphic design principles in general can improve and further advance the research, inform discovery, and enhance communication processes. The research and productions are driven by the passion for visual storytelling that is combining accuracy in science and aesthetics in art. The animated work mainly covers modeling of cellular processes and material/surface analyses.

Data Visualization with Processing

Another key tool for developing 3D and interactive visualizations as an integrated part of the research process is the software programming package Processing. We use Processing to develop advanced and highly complex visualizations showing bio-nanoscience data in new and innovative ways exploring new strategies and results for the data.

Students interested in nano-scale animation using Autodesk Maya and other animation tools and technologies are encouraged to contact Dr. Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard (