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iNANO's 10th Anniversary and change of director

2014.09.17 | Research news

Infrared laser light can detect poor food quality and cancer

Danish scientists from DTU and Aarhus University have developed a new type of optical fiber that can transport light with longer wavelengths than ever before

Atomic force microscopy image of a transition alumina film grown on a magnesium aluminate substrate. Image recorded by PhD student Thomas N. Jensen.

2014.09.12 | Research News

iNANO Scientists Publish in Physical Review Letters

iNANO Scientists Solve an Important Oxide Surface Structure for Heterogeneous Catalysis

Photo by Lisbeth Kirk Mynster

2014.08.28 | Awards

PhD Student Emil Bjerglund Pedersen Wins Poster Award

for excellent presentation of scientific research.

2014.08.26 | Awards

iNANO PhD Student Signe Grønborg Sørensen Wins Poster Award

at CINF, DTU Summer School on more efficient and sustainable energy conversion

2014.08.20 | Research news


New method developed by Calthec and iNANO scientists

2014.08.06 | People

Morten Foss receives grant

No more infections when penetrating the skin with implants

2014.08.04 | Research news

Thomas Birkballe Hansen receives ST Science Award

Fremragende forskningsresultat

2014.07.30 | People

Ümit Akbey receives the AIAS-COFUND Fellowship

Seeing the Invisible: Investigating Demanding Biological and Supramolecular Materials by Hyperpolarized Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

2014.07.28 | People , Research news

Jørgen Kjems interviewed for DR1 TV-News, P1 and P4 radio

Jellyfish as new natural resource

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