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iNANO's 10th Anniversary and change of director

2014.10.07 | Research news

Nanoscience makes your wine better

One sip of a perfectly poured glass of wine leads to an explosion of flavours in your mouth

Schematic Ilustration of the transformation of spherical/elipsodial micelles to worm-like micelles at higher salt concentration

2014.10.07 | Research news

Spheres becoming Worms

Filming the Transition of Surfactant Micelles

2014.10.06 | Research news

Water is an Interesting Matter

Scientists at iNANO elucidate the growth model of the initial stage of water condensation at the confined surfaces, enabling new opportunities for utilizing the interfacial ice-like water for future technological applications.

2014.10.01 | Research News


Scientists at iNANO and the Department of Chemistry determine structure of an Aβ peptide in the oligomeric state with implications for the understanding of Alzheimer’s disease.

2014.10.01 | Awards

2014 Grundfos Prize Awarded to Bo Brummerstedt Iversen

Ground-breaking research within materials for energy optimization

2014.10.01 | Research News

iNANO Scientists Publish in Angewandte Chemie International Edition

The application of transition metal catalysis in organic synthesis has revolutionized the art of contemporary synthetic organic chemistry in both academia and industry over the last 30 years.

2014.09.17 | Research news

Infrared laser light can detect poor food quality and cancer

Danish scientists from DTU and Aarhus University have developed a new type of optical fiber that can transport light with longer wavelengths than ever before

Atomic force microscopy image of a transition alumina film grown on a magnesium aluminate substrate. Image recorded by PhD student Thomas N. Jensen.

2014.09.12 | Research News

iNANO Scientists Publish in Physical Review Letters

iNANO Scientists Solve an Important Oxide Surface Structure for Heterogeneous Catalysis

Photo by Lisbeth Kirk Mynster

2014.08.28 | Awards

PhD Student Emil Bjerglund Pedersen Wins Poster Award

for excellent presentation of scientific research.

2014.08.26 | Awards

iNANO PhD Student Signe Grønborg Sørensen Wins Poster Award

at CINF, DTU Summer School on more efficient and sustainable energy conversion

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