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Professor Jørgen Kjems, the new director of iNANO. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Communication

2015.01.21 | Research News

Prof. Jørgen Kjems Appointed Director of iNANO.

Acting Director since 2014

Professor Bo Brummersted Iversen, who was the driving force in financing the microscopes, gives a speech at the inauguration.

2015.01.21 | Renrum

Most advanced electron microscope

Aiming for complex self-assembling nanostructures

2015.01.06 | Research News

Troels Skrydstrup & Anders Lindhart interviewed by Reuters

New lab flask helps turn CO2 into medicine

Associate professor Ken Howard, iNANO. Photo: Maria Randima, AU Kommunikation

2014.12.18 |, Nano Medicine

Ken Howard Receives Grant From the Danish Innovation Foundation

Innovationsfonden invests DKK 9m in a research project about albumin.

2014.12.15 | iNano

Danish Master degree in Nanoscience in China

Opportunity handed on a silver platter

2014.12.12 | Research news

Torben R. Jensen in nature communications

Multifunctional complex hydrides Tomorrow's energy solutions

2014.12.10 | Research News

Kurt Gothelf receives grant from the Innovation Foundation

The Innovation Foundation grants 24.3m for improving measurement of medication levels in patients

2014.12.09 | Research news

Article in Nature Chemistry from Harvard's Wyss Institute with iNANO

Designed large DNA crystals could create revolutionary nanodevice

2014.12.08 | Research news

Henrik Birkedal & Marie Krogsgaard interviewed by Reuters News agency

Replica mussel glue could revolutionise wound surgery

2014.12.08 | Awards

iNANO on the podium at Biomod 2014

World wide competition for Bachelor students at Harvard University

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