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2013.10.02 | Research news

Poul Nissen publishes in Science


2013.10.02 | Research news

Henrik Birkedal featured in national media

Henrik Birkedals (iNANO and Dep. of Chemistry) research into biomimetics and specifically blue mussel adhesion has recently been featured in national media. Henrik Birkedal has been interviewed several times for national radio and has been feature in several written media both online and in print. You can hear the radio interview from P1 here…

2013.09.17 | Research news


Newly formed European-led consortium working towards new understanding and treatment breakthroughs for epilepsy receives 11.5 Million funding by European Union. Jørgen Kjems from the Department of Molecular Biology/iNANO is head of the research group from Aarhus participating in the consortium

2013.09.12 | Events

NanOpinion received great response at the Food Festival

During the weekend of September 6-8 more than 30.000 people visited Aarhus Food Festival at Tangkrogen.  During their visit all guests had the chance to enjoy nice food, hear about new and interesting ingredients and also learn abit about nanofood (and nanotechnology in general) As part of the EU project, NanOpinion, the goal was to collect as…

Maria Kragelund

2013.08.29 | People , News from the management, Administrative conditions

New iNANOSchool administrator

From 29 August, Maria Kragelund will be a part of the iNANOSchool administration. She will be working alongside Rebeca Thostrup until 1 October, where Rebeca will go on maternaty leave.Maria has in-depth knowledge of iNANO as she has previously worked as a student helper for more than 4 years. Maria Kragelund is educated at iNANO where she…

2013.08.22 | People , Events, Education news

iNANO Director Troels Skrydstrup welcomes class of 2013

On Wednesday 21 August iNANO Director Prof. Troels Skrydstrup gave the welcoming lecture to the new nanoscience students. The class of 2013 will consist of 72 students – a number which is an all-time record for iNANO. Thus, 2013 exceed the previous record of new students (back in 2004 and 2005 iNANO welcomed  66 new students). “This is truly a…

2013.08.09 | Knowledge exchange, Events, Debate

iNANO and Nanopinion is getting ready for Food Festival

On September 6-8, 2013, Aarhus will host the Annual Food Festival at Tangkrogen. It is expected that more than 27.000 people will join the Festival during the weekend. iNANO is currently getting ready to attend through the EU project Nanopinion. Several iNANO employees will during the weekend explain nanoscience (and especially Nanofood) to the…

Prof. Troels Skrydstrup taking over his new office

2013.08.07 | People , Administrative conditions, News from the management

Moving day for the new iNANO director

Tuesday the 6th of August was the official first day as iNANO director for Professor Troels Skrydstrup, after being appointed as interim director. He will follow in the footsteps of Prof. Niels Chr. Nielsen who has been appointed the new Dean of Science and Technology

Yvonne Eskildsen-Helmond

2013.08.01 | Administrative conditions, News from the management, People

New Scientific Coordinator

As of 1 Aug, Yvonne Eskildsen-Helmond has been appointed as a scientific coordinator for all current and future iNANO projects related to Nanofood. Yvonne has a PhD in Biochemistry (Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL). Until 2011 she was hired as a Assist. Prof. at Institute for Biomedicin (AU) where she worked on projects in pharmacology,…

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2013.07.31 | Education news

iNANO mentioned in "TV2 Østjylland"

The nanoscience bachelor education at Aarhus University is growing in popularity. Was a small portrait of this and other popular educations (Danish only)

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