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2013.11.25 | Talent development, People , Awards

iNANO PhD Student wins poster prize

Wednesday 20 November PhD Student Katrine Kirkeby Skeby won the poster prize at the 4th Scandinavian Meeting on Amyloid Proteins and Disease in Lund. The poster entitled Simulating the binding of hIAPP to anionic membranes using a highly mobile membrane model can be seen as a PDF below.

Nano Creators with their prize at Harvard. (Copyright BIOMOD)

2013.11.25 | Awards, Talent development


A team of Aarhus students – Nano Creators – won the Audience Choice Award for their Bachelor’s project at Harvard University’s bio-molecular design competition. The Nano Creators combined good research with creative communication.

2013.11.22 | Awards

iNANO PhD student wins FACCA & BCG Award 2013

Troels Bo Thomsen Winner of the FACCA & BCG Extracurricular Award 2013

Assoc. Prof. Mogens Christensen, Post Doc Marian Stingacia and PhD Student Matilde Saura

2013.11.21 | Research news, People

Patent filed: An alternative to Neodynium?

Results obtained by the research team lead by Mogens Christensen (iNANO and Dept. of Chemistry) are featured in Ingeniøren ( The research team has recently patented a method for production of magnetic Sr-hexaferrite a hard magnetic material, which may eventually be a welcome alternative to magnets based on the rare earth element…

Foto: Udlånt af Katrine Kirkeby Skeby

2013.11.11 | Talent development, Research news, People

iNANO PhD student featured on

Katrine Kirkeby Skeby's recent paper in JACS, is currently a featured article on (Danish Only). Katrine Skeby is in Prof. Birgit Schiøtt's (Dep. of Chem. and iNANO) research group working in computational chemistry

2013.10.31 | Research news


Prof. Troels Skrydstrup and his research group have developed a novel process for carrying out chemical reactions with carbon monoxide under safe working conditions.

2013.10.25 | Research news


One of the most powerful magnets in the world was put in place in the basement of iNANO House on Thursday 24 October. The seven-ton magnet housed in a double-walled container will now be cooled down for about six weeks prior to being put into service by scientists.

2013.10.13 | Talent development, People , Awards

Nishant Garg wins poster prize

PHD Student Nishant Garg from Prof. Jørgen Skibsteds group wins the poster prize at the 1st International Conference on the Chemistry of Construction Materials, held  7. – 9. October in Berlin, Germany. Out of 120 posters Nishant Garg won the 3rd best poster prize for the presentation: ”Structure and reactivity of a thermally activated smectitic…

Fiona Bach-Gansmo at the poster session in Baltimore, USA

2013.10.09 | Research news, Talent development, Education news, Awards, People

iNANO PhD Student wins poster session

Fiona Bach-Gansmo from Henrik Birkedals research group has won the 2013 President's Poster Competition Award at the 2013 Annual Meeting of The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research in Baltimore, USA. You can find Henrik Birkedals research group here

Katrine Kirkeby Skeby
The frontcover of JACS (136,2013)

2013.10.08 | Research news, Talent development, People

iNANO PhD Student makes cover of JACS

Katrine Kirkeby Skeby, a PhD student in Prof. Birgit Schiøtts research group has not only had her latest paper accepted in the Journal of the Americam Chemical society (JACS) but have also had an illustration accepted for the front cover of the journal (136,2013).

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