Nano Materials & Materials Science

3D- Triangle

iNANO has many strong and expanding activities within the following areas: chemical and physical surface modification, catalysis, nano-energy materials, e.g., hydrogen storage, thermoelectrics, biofuel conversion, photovoltaics, semiconductor physics, nano-composites, self-assembled nanostructures, bio-mineralization, and fiber materials. Internationally speaking, iNANO has a leading position in several of these areas, e.g., heterogeneous catalysis, self-assembled DNA nano-structures, novel construction materials, and thermoelectric materials. During the next 5 years iNANO will seek to strengthen its activities within nano-structured and nano-porous materials, composite materials, and functional materials. Within the nano-material area, energy-related research is already receiving much political attention and will undoubtedly receive even more in the future. Energy research is also being promoted actively at AU by the formation of the “AU Energy” network, where iNANO sees itself as a major player.