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Distinguished iNANO Lecture: Hydrophobic Interactions in Soft Matter

Professor Francesco Stellacci, EPFL, Switzerland

2020.01.28 | Trine Møller Hansen

Date Fri 28 Feb
Time 10:15 11:00
Location iNANO AUD (1593-012), Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Aarhus C

Professor Francesco Stellacci, Supramolecular Nanomaterials and Interfaces Laboratory, EPFL, Switzerland

Hydrophobic Interactions in Soft Matter

The vast majority of biological molecules (proteins, lipids, etc.) are amphiphilic, indeed often their water interface presents hydrophobic and hydrophilic patches coexisting at a molecular scale. In light of this observation, in my talk, I will show how amphiphilic nanomaterials (nanoparticles and macromolecules) can establish a series of unique interactions with biological materials. Particular attention will be dedicated to discussing the role and the nature of hydrophobic interaction, highlighting what we do and do not understand about them. Novel approaching to quantify these interactions will be presented and considerations on how to strengthen or mitigate them will be discussed.

Associate Professor Mingdong Dong, iNANO, Aarhus University

Coffee, tea, and bread will be served from 10:00 am in front of the auditorium. 

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