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Staff in the Kurt Gothelf Lab

The Gothelf lab focuses mainly on bioconjugation using techniques from e.g. DNA-directed chemistry and DNA Origami.

Kassem El Chami

Master's student

Magnus K. Thøgersen

Project student

Mathias Bertelsen

Project student

Sebastian V. Markussen

Bachelor's student

Helena Axelsen

Bachelor's student

Staff in the Ken Howard Lab

The Howard lab specialises in drug delivery, both biological barrier-specific drug delivery designs and albumin-based drug delivery. 

Alexander Winther

Master's student

Anders Dinesen

Master's student

Anders Hvid Jørgensen

Master's Student

Pernille Bech

Master's student

Staff in the Jørgen Kjems Lab

The Kjems lab have great expertise within, among other things, both nanoparticle-mediated gene delivery, eukaryotic gene expression, and bio imaging.

Josefine Bager Madsen

Master's student

Tony Lahoutte


email: research@lahoutte.com

phone:+32 (0)2 477 4991


Staff at Vrije University in Brussels

The Lahoutte Lab members are experts on in vivo cellular and molecular imaging.

Nick Devoogdt


Sophie Hernot


Pieterjan Debie