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Protein Biophysics (Prof. Daniel Otzen)

Daniel Otzen

Professor Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center - INANO-MBG, iNANO-huset
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Our research activities fall within 3 main areas, which all relate to the study of the kinetics and thermodynamics of protein conformational changes, namely membrane protein folding, protein-detergent interactions and protein fibrillation. These areas are linked by a keen interest in understanding the mechanistic and thermodynamic behaviour of proteins in different circumstances by quantifying the strength of internal side-chain interactions as well as contacts with solvent molecules, whether it be detergents, denaturants, stabilizing salts and osmolytes or lipids. Ultimately we hope this will lead to a greater manipulative ability vis-a-vis processes of both basic, pharmaceutical and industrial relevance. The general approach is to use available spectroscopic techniques (fluorescence, CD, stopped-flow, FTIR, NMR and dynamic and static light scattering) to generate data which can be analyzed in a quantitative manner to develop models and mechanisms for conformational changes at the molecular level.  


Associate Professor Victoria Birkedal receives DKK 12.7 millions from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for new large equipment to study molecular structure, dynamics and function in nano- and bio-systems. (Photo: Maria Randima, AU Kom)

2020.12.10 | iNano

DKK 12.7 m for studies of the dynamics and functionality of a single molecule in its natural environment

Associate Professor Victoria Birkedal has received a grant from the Nordisk Foundation with which she will be able to establish Aarhus single molecule fluorescence infrastructure (ASiMoF) for advanced studies of molecular structure, dynamics and function in nano- and bio-systems.

iNANO researchers receive DKK 6.5 million from the Carlsberg Foundation for research infrastructure.

2020.12.03 | iNano

iNANO researchers receive DKK 6.5 million from the Carlsberg Foundation for research infrastructure

7 iNANO researchers have received between DKK 100,000 and 2,234,000 from the Carlsberg Foundation for specific instruments. The foundation has awarded a total of DKK 67 million for research infrastructure, which aims to strengthen existing research and enable new ideas. In total DKK 6.5 million has been awarded to iNANO researchers.

Henrik Birkedal and Mads Ry Jørgensen about DanMax. (Photo: David Castor, creative commons license)

2020.11.25 | iNano

Podcast with iNANO researchers on DanMax and high-energy radiation

Listen to Henrik Birkedal and Mads Ry Jørgensen tell about DanMax, a materials science beamline at MAX IV accelerator in Lund. Learn both how high-energy X-rays are made, how X-rays must be treated before you can use it, and not least what Danish researchers hope to be able to use the expensive device for. (In Danish)

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