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The Danish Chemical Society PhD Prize 2015 - Christian Bech Rosen

This year’s Danish Chemical Society PhD Prize has been awarded to Christian B. Rosen former iNANO PhD student.

2015.06.23 | Trine Møller Hansen


Christian did his PhD studies in the group of Prof. Kurt V. Gothelf at iNANO, Aarhus University, where he developed methods to site-selectively label proteins – in particular antibodies – with DNA and small-molecules. This work was published in Nature Chemistry with Christian as first author.

During a visit in the group of Prof. Hagan Bayley at University of Oxford Christian also demonstrated the use of biological nanopores to site-specifically detect protein phosphorylation sites at the single-molecule level – a study published in Nature Biotechnology with Christian as first author.

Additionally, Christian has co-authored several other high-ranking research articles as well as two patent applications and a book chapter.

Christian is currently employed as postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Matthew B. Francis’s laboratory at UC Berkeley through funding from the Villum Foundation.