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Brainnovation Day 2020

CO2 Technologies: Capture and Utilization


The aim of the 6th Brainnovation day on “CO2 Technologies: Capture and Utilization” is to significantly increase dialogue and collaboration between the industry and AU (i.e. iNANO, ENG and the Departments of Molecular Biology, Chemistry and Physics). This year we will address this specific theme in the carbon dioxide field and, in particular, the many challenges associated with choice of technology, exploitation of new knowledge, etc.

The primary focus of the meeting is on challenges and problem-solving of industrial problems. During the day representatives from Aarhus University and Companies will address the innovations taking place at their sites and describe some of the challenges they face. Likewise, iNANO/Chem/Phys/Eng researchers will give an overview of their work in the field of “CO2 Technologies”.

During the breaks there will be time to networking and brainstorming on problems of relevance to the industry.

Discussion themes: The problems or themes for discussion are open for input from the participants. Your input should be sent beforehand (deadline 4 November), by mail to the organizer

Inivitation for Poster presentations: Postdocs and PhD students are strongly encouraged to participate with a poster presentation. Please send your abstract before November 4, by email to the organizer

Please register here (deadline November 4, 2020): https://events.au.dk/BrainnovationDay