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Aarhus X-ray Imaging Alliance – AXIA


New facility manager | 01.12.2020

Nina Kølln Wittig has been hired as facility manager for AXIA. She is responsible for infrastructure and user training and can provide support in experiment design, execution and data analysis. She sits in iNANO (office 1592-130) and can be contacted by email or phone (+45 87156657). 

New in vivo µCT scanner is running | 01.11.2020

As part of the AXIA initiative a SCANCO VivaCT 80 has been purchased and installed in the animal facilities at Dept. of Biomedicine at Aarhus University. The instrument allows for in vivo measurements of small animals with down to 10 µm image resolution. This is expected to lead to important new insights into the microstructural changes that occur during bone (re)modeling in growth, intervention, or disease.