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In vivo optical Imaging Core Facility

Information concerning the IVIS Spectrum scanner

If you would like to use the IVIS Spectrum scanner, register by contacting Daniel Dupont (dmd@inano.au.dk).

Please provide the following information

  1. Name of the group leader and contact person for billing
  2. A few keywords about your experiment
  3. A google calendar account email to enable booking of the instrument

A Living Image software account and password for your group will be generated if not already available.


The price for using the instrument is 300 DKK/hour. Your usage is charged directly based on your login time in the Living Image software. Therefore remember to close the program after use, but don't shut down the computer or log out.

Isoflurane usage is not included and neither are consumables such as isoflurane filters, black paper and nose cones.

Please use another computer for data analysis. A computer for data analysis is available next to the scanner for example.


  • Clean the instrument with water and ethanol. Never with virkon (red stuff) as it damages the surfaces of the instrument and increases background fluorescence.
  • Do not spray with liquids inside the instrument as there are light sources and electrical components under the platform. In addition, you do not want liquid particles on the camera lens.
  • Avoid leaving liquids in the instrument, which can evaporate and condense on the camera lens.


Once you have a google account you can check the booking calendar there and book the instrument. For an overview of availability the booking calendar can also be found below.

Please include your name when you book in order for other users to be able to contact you.

Additional important information

  • Never shut down the computer when you leave, but turn off the screen. The instrument can only calibrate during the night if the computer is on.
  • Remember to refill isoflurane for the next user and note isoflurane use.
  • Used isoflurane filters for disposal should be delivered to Ole Frandsen, at the Health department.