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ST TAP Award 2017 goes to iNANO researcher Jacques Chevallier

2017.08.29 | iNano

Jacques Chevallier receives ST TAP Award 2017

Congratulations to Jacques Chevallier, Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO), who receives ST TAP Award 2017. Jacques Chevallier receives the award for his considerable efforts during forty years – both technically and academically.

Press coverage of AU initiated Open Science Platform on national and international online news platforms.

2017.08.29 | iNano

The interesting story of the AU initiated Open Science Platform spotted by several media from India to US as well as the British Government

Several both national and international online news platforms as well as the British Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have picked up on the news about the newly established ”patent-free playground”, the Open Science platform initiated at iNANO, Science & Technology, Aarhus University

For the 15th time iNANO welcomes new students on the nanoscience educational programme on 23 August 2017 (Photo: Lise Refstrup Linnebjerg Pedersen)

2017.08.25 | iNano

For the 15th time iNANO is welcoming new students starting on the nanoscience programme.

On 23 August 2017 iNANO has once again been enriched with new students. This year is the 15th anniversary of the nanoscience programme and iNANO Director Jørgen Kjems and deputy director Trolle Linderoth were very happy to once again welcome the new nanoscience students to Aarhus University.

Professor Bo Brummerstedt Iversen is director of iMAT, the strategic research centre at Aarhus University. (Photo: Rasmus Rørbæk)

2017.08.16 | iNano

iMAT: Aarhus University focuses on materials research for building the future

Developing new materials with special properties is of crucial importance for scientific progress in areas such as energy, construction, environmentally responsible technologies, transport and electronics. Aarhus University has therefore established the interdisciplinary Centre for Integrated Materials Research (iMAT), hosted by Interdisciplinary…

2017.08.08 | iNano

Opening of Aarhus University Centre for Integrated Materials Research - iMAT

On the 15th August iNANO will host the inauguration of Centre for Integrated Materials Research (iMAT), which will play an important role in the development of national and international materials research collaborations.

2017.07.31 | iNano

Aarhus University and industry open patent-free playground

Along with a number of leading Danish industrial companies, Aarhus University has opted out of the rat race in a new collaboration on industrially relevant basic research. Researchers and companies from all over Denmark publish all their results and data on the innovative Open Science platform, where the information is available free of charge to…

Dennis Ulsøe Jensen, iNANO

2017.07.12 | iNano

iNANO researcher finalist for highly prestigious international PhD Prize

Congratulations to Dennis Ulsøe Nielsen from professor Troels Skrydstrup's group who has been chosen as finalist of the 2017 Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry PhD Prize

2017.07.12 | iNano

Danish Chemical Society PhD prize 2017 goes to iNANO researcher

Congratulations to Thomas Leegaard Andersen who receives Danish Chemical Society PhD prize given the best PhD thesis of the year within organic chemistry.

Left: President and professor Tianwei Tan, Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Right: Dean and professor Niels Christian Nielsen, Science & Technology, Aarhus University. Photo: Lise R. L. Pedersen, iNANO, Aarhus Universitet

2017.07.10 | iNano

Chinese students from Beijing University of Chemical Technology coming to iNANO in order to start Nanoscience PhD studies

New agreement signed between AU Science & Technology and Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Soft Matter Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology in order to strengthen the co-operation between the universities.

2017.07.05 | Research News

Birkedal group on the cover of Advanced Engineering Materials

The cover art illustrates 3D printed mother-of-pearl model structures

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