2019.03.07 | Publication

PAPER: Affinity-Guided Conjugation to Antibodies for use in Positron Emission Tomography

Headed by postdoc Mikkel Bach Skovsgaard from the Gothelf lab, an interdisciplinary team of researchers has recently published an article about the use of an antibody-chelator conjugate in positron emission tomography. Please visit the journal website to read the full article Affinity-Guided Conjugation to Antibodies for use in Position Emission…

2019.02.15 | Publication

PAPER: Imidazole Carbamate Probes for Affinity Guided Azide-Transfer to Metal-Binding Proteins

Researchers from the Gothelf-lab has recently published an article on a new method for affinity guided labelling og metal-binding proteins in the journal Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. To read the article "Imidazole Carbamate Probes for Affinity Guided Azide-Transfer to Metal-Binding Proteins", please visit the journal website.

2019.02.12 | Publication

PAPER: Chemistries for DNA Nanotechnology

Postdoc Mikael Madsen and Professor Kurt Gothelf has very recently published a comprehensive review on chemistries for DNA nanotechnology. The review is published in the journal Chemical reviews and includes topics such as Synthesis of Modified Oligonucleotides, Nucleic Acid analogues, and Reactions on DNA Nanostructures. To read the full review…

2019.02.06 | Publication

PAPER: Nucleic Acids as a Nature‐Inspired Scaffold for Macromolecular Prodrugs of Nucleoside Analogues

Assistant Professor Alexander Zelikin has recently published and article about molecular prodrugs in the journal Advanced Science. Researchers from the Gothelf Lab has contributed to this study, where nucleic acids are used as scaffold for assembly of macromolecular prodrugs. Please visit the journal website to read the full article Nucleic…

2019.01.30 | Publication

PAPER: Quantitative Detection of Digoxin in Plasma Using Small‐Molecule Immunoassay in a Recyclable Gravity‐Driven Microfluidic Chip

Researchers from the Gothelf lab have recently published an article in Advanced Science about the development a microfluidic chip system that affords precise quantification of the small molecule digoxin. The presented assay is relevant for a potential development of a point-of-care diagnostic device. To read the full article, please visit the…

2019.01.04 | Publication

PAPER: Selective delivery of doxorubicin to EGFR+ cancer cells by Cetuximab-DNA conjugates

Delivery of the anticancer drug Cetuximab to EGFR+ cancer cells has recently been reported in CemBioChem.

2018.12.03 | Publication

PAPER: Dimethyl fumarate is an allosteric covalent inhibitor of the p90 ribosomal S6 kinases

Dimethyl fumerate is used in the treatment of psoriasis and multiple sclerosis although it's mechanism of action is still unknown. Now, the crystal structure of dimethyl fumerate has been published in Nature Communications.

2018.11.26 | Exam

PHD DEFENCE: Detecting Small Molecules – from fundamental research to applied science

On Wednesday 28 November at 13:15 in iNANO Aud (1593-012), Malthe Hansen-Bruhn will defend his PhD thesis entitled "Toward Point-of-Care Small Molecule Sensing"

2018.09.24 | Publication

PAPER: Rapid Detection of Drugs in Human Plasma Using a Small-Molecule-Linked Hybridization Chain Reaction

Rapid detection and quantification of pharmaceutical drugs directly in human plasma is of major importance for the development of relevant point-of-care testing devices. This is the topic of a recently published article in ACS Sensors.

2018.09.17 | Publication

PAPER: Small-Molecule Probes for Affinity-Guided Introduction of Biocompatible Handles on Metal-Binding Proteins

Protein conjugates of high heterogeneity may contain species with significantly different biological properties, and as a consequence, the focus on methods for production of conjugates of higher quality has increased.

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