Open positions

Bachelor and Master projects:

There are open positions for both Bachelor and Master projects:

  • Biosynthesis and function of circular RNA in development of human disease
  • Next generation sequencing for profiling RNA expression in differentiating stem cells
  • The role of miRNA in development of epilepsy
  • Control of stem cell differentiation in 3D scaffold by siRNA, miRNA and antisense technology
  • Therapeutic application of siRNA for treatment of inflammation
  • Selection and characterization of aptamers penetrating blood-brain-barrier
  • Conjugation of proteins, peptides and aptamers to nanoparticles for improved targeting of imaging contrast and/or siRNA/miRNA
  • Nanopatterning of cell receptor ligands on self-assembled DNA nanostructures for increased cell signalling
  • Controlled drug release from self assembled DNA nanostructures inside cancer cells

Please contact Jørgen Kjems for more details or if you have other ideas for projects.