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DFF Grants to iNANO Researchers

The Danish Council for Independent Research has awarded grants and several iNANO researchers are among the recipients.


DFF - Technology & Production
Research Project 1

  • Duncan S. Sutherland: Plasmon Enabled Protein Conformation Analysis for Biosensor Applications
    Awarded Amount: DKK 2,592,000

  • Jan Skov Pedersen: Development of Chemical-Space Screening by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)
    Awarded Amount: DKK 2,590,757

Research Project 2

  • Ebbe Sloth Andersen: Expressible RNA origami sensor devices for in vivo studies
    Awarded Amount: DKK 6,479,999

  • Torben René Jensen: Hydrogenation of Nanoscale Metal Borides and Nitrides (HyNanoBorN)
    Awarded Amount: DKK 6,480,000

DFF - Natural Sciences
Research Project 1:

  • Mogens Christensen: Magnetic Nanocomposites
    Awarded Amount: 2,589,345

  • Duncan S. Sutherland: The Role of Soft Interactions in Complex Media
    Awarded Amount: 2,592,000

Research Project 2:

  • Jørgen Kjems: Biogenesis and Function of Circular RNA
    Awarded Amount: 6,152,918 DKK

DFF - Medical Sciences
Research Project 1

  • Daniel Otzen: Investigating Alpha-Synuclein Aggregate Toxicity in Cells
    Awarded Amount: DKK 2,592,000