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DKK 8 million for research infrastructure

13 iNANO associated researchers have been granted DKK 8 million from the Carlsberg Foundation for research infrastructure

Logo of the Carlsberg Foundation.
13 iNANO associated researchers have been granted DKK 8 million from the Carlsberg Foundation for research infrastructure.

The Carlsberg Foundation has recently awarded 101 grants for research infrastructure. 13 of those grants have been given to iNANO associated researchers.

Research environments rely greatly on having access to relevant advanced equipment and other research infrastructure. "...We find it important to provide researchers with the right setting and the best conditions for delivering the groundbreaking basic research that we as a society need”, says Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation, Professor Flemming Besenbacher.

The grants will support the acquisition and development of various types of research infrastructure at iNANO or collaborating departments at Aarhus University.

Below you can see the list of iNANO associated researchers, who each have received one of the grants, the amount they will receive and what kind of research infrastructure they will invest in.

List of iNANO associated researchers receiving a research infrastructure grant:

  • Associate Professor Alexander Zelikin, DKK 800,000
    • Absolute characterization of macromolecules: size exclusion chromatography
  • Associate Professor Brigitte Stadler, DKK 320,950
    • A 3D Bioprinter for Soft Material Research
  • Professor Daniel Otzen, DKK 700,000
    • Purification, binding and single molecule detection equipment
  • Professor Jørgen Kjems, DKK 119,845
    • Building structurally defined protein nanoscaffolds
  • Associate Professor Jørgen Skibsted, DKK 600,000
    • Low-Gamma solid state NMR probe for ultrahigh-field NMR spectrometer and structural studies within materials research
  • Associate Professor Marianne Glasius, DKK 400,000
    • Probing nanoparticle chemistry with efficient, time-resolved sampling
  • Associate Professor Martin Bremholm, DKK 800,000
    • Optical Floating Zone System for Single Crystal Growth
  • Associate Professor Mingdong Dong, DKK 1,200,000
    • A maskless photolithography system for protein micropatterning and microfabrication
  • Associate Professor Mogens Christensen, DKK 1,300,000
    • Magnetic force microscopy revealing magnetism at the nanoscale
  • Professor Poul Nissen, DKK 325,000
    • High capacity centrifuge to support membrane protein research
  • Associate Professor Rikke Meyer, DKK 507,225
    • Real-time probe-free visualization of biofilms
  • Associate Professor Tobias Weidner, DKK 600,000
    • Two-Dimensional SFG for Ultrafast Surface Analysis
  • Professor Torben Jensen, DKK 400,000
    • Equipment for development of novel types of batteries

Read the press release from the Carlsberg Foundation (in Danish only):