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For the 15th time iNANO is welcoming new students starting on the nanoscience programme.

On 23 August 2017 iNANO has once again been enriched with new students. This year is the 15th anniversary of the nanoscience programme and iNANO Director Jørgen Kjems and deputy director Trolle Linderoth were very happy to once again welcome the new nanoscience students to Aarhus University.

For the 15th time iNANO welcomes new students on the nanoscience educational programme on 23 August 2017 (Photo: Lise Refstrup Linnebjerg Pedersen)

iNANO director Jørgen Kjems and deputy director Trolle Linderoth presented the research areas of iNANO and gave the new students an introduction to what life as a university student is and how the nanoscience programme is organised. The students also met some of their lecturers and instructors who gave them an overview of what they will work with during their first year.

So what can the new nanoscience students look forward to?:

Besides accommodating a unique instrument park and delivering world class research, iNANO offers the nanoscience educational programme, which is an interdisciplinary education, where you follow courses in physics, chemistry and molecular biology. The education allows you to investigate and develop unique materials, features and properties in almost everything we surround ourselves with.

The nanoscience students will work on the nanoscale, where a nanometer equals one billionth of a meter. It is about 100,000 times less than the diameter of a human hair. They are therefore working with the very smallest details in the development of future technologies in areas such as materials, energy, environment, communication, electronics and health.

Having a bachelor's degree in Nanoscience paves the way for continuing studies on several master's programmes. For example, the master's programme in Nanoscience, which can provide the students with job opportunities within a wide range of scientific areas, ranging from nanomedicine and biotechnology to functional materials and the energy/environmental sector.

Statement from a nanoscience student:

"The distinctive about the nanoscience programme is the ’i’ in iNANO, which stands for interdisciplinary and indicates that the study is in fact interdisciplinary. The greatest force in nanoscience is synergy when combining the different disciplines. By using the various subject areas, you are allowed to be creative and you can try to create something new from small parts and combine them with either a new technology or new basic research. " (Mathias Jørgensen, Bachelor of Science in Nanoscience)

Since iNANO was inaugurated in 2002, the center has matured to a leading international nanoscience center with strong track records within education (BSc, MSc, and PhD level), research, technology transfer, collaboration with industry, innovation in the form of SME spin-outs.

Nanoscience students become part of this active, internationally oriented research environment. Students will get access to the advanced equipment in the course of the exercises, and in the final projects they will reach the absolute research frontline. In addition, the international research community creates good opportunities for international stays in the following master's program.

Read more about the nanoscience programme on http://bachelor.au.dk/nanoscience/


New nanoscience students welcomed by their tutors (Photo: Lise Refstrup Linnebjerg Pedersen)

iNANO Director Jørgen Kjems welcoming the new nanoscience students  (Photo: Lise Refstrup Linnebjerg Pedersen)

Assoc. prof. Rikke Louise Meyer telling about the part of the nanoscience studies concerning molecular biology  (Photo: Lise Refstrup Linnebjerg Pedersen)