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Morten Foss receives grant

No more infections when penetrating the skin with implants

Implants and other medical instrumentation that penetrate the skin over a long period of time present a huge challenge due to the risk of severe infections. The development of a new technology for medical purposes that allows for soft tissue and skin penetration has thus great potential.

InnovationsFonden – Denmark is investing DKK 10 million in a project aiming at the development of new materials which can integrate with the skin in order to stop bacteria infecting the wound along implants and other medical instrumentation.

By combining the latest findings within nano-, process technology and medicine, the consortium behind the project hopes to develop a technology that will have the same positive impact as the discovery of Titanium’s capability to integrate into bone tissue.

The four-year project will continue the work of the already established field of research at iNANO and Danish Technological Institute, and if successful, the developed technology will give the third partner Elos Medthec Pinol a great market advantage as well as improving the quality of life of millions of people worldwide.