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Duncan Sutherland has been appointed Professor in Biointerfaces

Professor Duncan Sutherland

PhD Duncan Sutherland has been appointed Professor in Biointerfaces at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University. The appointment is effective as of 01 March 2017.

The main research of Duncan Sutherland's group, the Nanobiointerfaces group, is driven by developments in nanoscale engineering and using such new engineering as tools to study physical science or biological science questions in a way that has not been possible before.

It is basic research, although it has a strong link to the engineering.

Duncan Sutherland has worked in the area of nanotechnology for life science since 1995 with a focus on Self assembly nanofabrication routes, nanostructured biomaterials and nanoscale biosensors. After completing his PhD in Physics at the University of Bristol he moved to Chalmers in Sweden where he became a project leader and then Docent in the Chemical Physics Group of the Department of Applied Physics. During his time in Sweden he developed self-assembly based engineering approaches to nanofabrication utilising colloidal particles systems and applied them to the study of nanostructured interfaces in different physical and life science applications.

In March 2006 he moved his group to the iNANO center at the University of Aarhus taking up an Associate Professor faculty position. The Nanobiointerfaces group has research interests in biomaterials, biosensors, biofouling, nanotoxicology as well as the fundamentals of plasmonic interactions at metal nanostructures.

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