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The 16th Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft Matter is hosted by Professor Jan Skov Pedersen

The leading Nordic researchers within the field of soft matter studied by scattering methods will meet in Aarhus on 9th-10th of January. Deadline for registration is December 2018.

Professor Jan Skov Pedersen will host the 16th Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft Matter in January 2019. (Illustration by Jeppe Lyngsø: RipAn structure from Small-angle X-ray Scattering study)

Soft matter includes (but is not limited to) colloids, polymers, gels and biological materials such as proteins and vira. Small-angle scattering using x-rays or neutrons and light scattering are excellent methods for studying these systems, as they can be investigated in solution giving information on size, shape and interactions. Studies of soft matter by scattering methods gives contributions of great interest to e.g. medicinal chemistry, polymer technology and protein biophysics.

The workshop prioritises young researchers, when designing the program, which consists of blocks of scientific talks, a poster session and a conference dinner.

The scientific workshop is preceded by a tutorial workshop, which focuses on the basics of small-angle scattering and soft matter and will include hands-on exercises.

Sponsors have made it possible for the workshops to be free of charge. For more information see www.inano.au.dk/NSSM2019.

The deadline for registration and submission of abstracts is December 10. Sign up here.