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Publication in JACS Au in collaboration with AstraZeneca!

Our most recent work involves carbon-isotope-labeling of alkyl and aryl carboxylates applying palladacarboxylates. A huge congratulations to all authors involved!

Abstract: Herein, we report a strategy for the formation of isotopically labeled carboxylic esters from boronic esters/acids using a readily accessible palladium carboxylate complex as an organometallic source of isotopically labeled functional groups. The reaction allows access to either unlabeled or full 13C- or 14C-isotopically labeled carboxylic esters, and the method is characterized by its operational simplicity, mild conditions, and general substrate scope. Our protocol is further extended to a carbon isotope replacement strategy, involving an initial decarbonylative borylation procedure. Such an approach allows access to isotopically labeled compounds directly from the unlabeled pharmaceutical, which can have implications for drug discovery programs.