AU researchers from Department of Chemistry and iNANO discover new methodology for localized delivery of antibacterial agents to the surface of metallic implants (Cover by Chemical Communications)
Associate Professors Alexander Zelikin and Rikke Louise Meyer collaborate on interdisciplinary findings combining the fields of biology and chemistry in localized synthesis of antibacterial drugs at metallic implants. (Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto)

2019.01.11 | iNano

Meyer and Zelikin laboratories featured on the cover of Chemical Communications

Interdisciplinary research by AU scientists combines the fields of chemistry and biology in fighting bacterial infections locally on metallic implants by exploiting a build-in feature. The work is highlighted on the cover of the journal ChemComm.

Flemming Besenbacher receives the title of Commander of the order of Dannebrog. (Private photo by courtesy of Flemming Besenbacher)

2019.01.08 | iNano

Professor Flemming Besenbacher receives royal honor

On November 2, 2018, Professor Flemming Besenbacher received the title of Commander of the Order of Dannebrog.

Mogens Christensen gives his views in Aktuel Naturvidenskab on the transition from using fossil fuels to green energy. (Photo: Maria Randima)

2019.01.04 | iNano

Do we have the necessary raw materials for a green transition?

Associate Professor Mogens Christensen is giving his views on the process of transition from using fossil fuels to green energy in Aktuelt Naturvidenskab.

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