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Associate Professors Alexander Zelikin and his research team publish in Advanced Science on macromolecular prodrugs based on marketed antiviral nucleoside analogues. (Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto)

2019.03.07 | iNano

Zelikin laboratories publish in Advanced Science on nature‐inspired scaffold for macromolecular prodrugs

Researchers at Aarhus University offer a new prospect on nucleic acids as a unique scaffold for macro-molecular prodrugs. With a natural mechanism for drug release they are foreseen to hold immense promise for targeted drug delivery.

Morten Foss collaborates with Elos Medtech on Grand Solution project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. (Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo)

2019.02.08 | iNano

Intersectoral project on eliminating the unwanted metallic shine of dental implants

Senior scientist Morten Foss (iNANO) collaborates with Elos Medtech and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on developing dental titanium implants with aesthetic white surfaces. Innovation Fund Denmark invests in the dental surface project with the Grand Solutions programme.

Professor Troels Skrydstrup receives Semper Ardens grant from the Carlsberg Foundation for improving plastics recycling. (Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo)

2019.02.01 | iNano

Funding for research in improving plastics recycling

Over one third of the plastics produced are used only once and then discarded. The majority of these plastics end up in landfills and our oceans. Professor Troels Skrydstrup has been awarded a Semper Ardens grant for developing new means to deconstruct some of the most commonly used plastics, which can then be exploited again as new useful plastic.

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