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  • Center for enzymatic deconstruction of thermoset plastics for a sustainable society

Welcome to En'Zync - Center for Enzymatic Deconstruction of Thermoset Plastics for a Sustainable Society

En'Zync is headed by Professor Daniel Otzen and is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, pioneering a revolutionary approach to address one of the biggest challenges in plastic recycling. Dive into a world where nature meets cutting-edge science, exploring the profound possibilities of enzymatic deconstruction for a sustainable society.

Our mission

At En'Zync, we're driven by a singular mission: to unravel the secrets of thermoset plastics. These formidable materials, essential in wind turbines, airplanes, and insulation foams, pose a unique challenge in recycling. Unlike traditional plastics, thermosets cannot be melted down for reuse. However, they share a fundamental link with nature through their chemical structures, akin to the organic linkages found in sugars and proteins.

The En'Zync Approach

Harnessing the power of nature, En'Zync is pioneering the development of specialized enzymes, sourced from bacteria and fungi. These enzymes are nature's tools, designed to break down thermosets into their molecular building blocks, known as monomers. Through meticulous research and interdisciplinary collaboration between material specialists, molecular biologists, and computational experts, we're unlocking a groundbreaking method for thermoset recycling.

Our vision

Imagine a world where thermoset plastics are not a burden, but a valuable resource. Our vision is to create a circular economy where these durable materials are broken down and reborn, minimizing environmental impact and conserving precious resources. En'Zync is dedicated to transforming this vision into reality through relentless research, innovation, and collaboration.

Join the En'Zync Revolution

Be part of our journey towards a sustainable future. Explore the realm of enzymatic deconstruction, stay updated with our latest discoveries, and join the conversation on reshaping the future of plastic recycling.