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G.S. Pathak, M. Hinge, D.E. Otzen, Transdisciplinary pragmatic melioration for the plastic life cycle: Why the social, natural, and technical sciences should prioritize reducing harm, Sci Total Environ 895 (2023) 165154. PDF version

A review of the state of recycling of different plastic types from both a scientific and anthropological angle, with a suggestion to use the approach of Pragmatic Melioration (the best way to cause benefit) from a transdisciplinary perspective.

S. Peña-Díaz, P. Ferreira, M. J. Ramos, D. E. Otzen, Mining and engineering activity in catalytic amyloids. Meth. Enzymol. 697, Available online 20 April 2024 (2024). PDF version

A series of experimental protocols to produce different kinds of amyloid (both functional and pathological) and assay them for their potential catalytic activity. This is combined with computational approaches to engineer different catalytic sites - e.g. those from plastic-degrading enzymes - into these amyloids.