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News and Highlights

10th May 2024

PURase-like activity

Malthe, Andreas and Daniel celebrate the first observation of PURase-like activity by a recombinantly expressed "hit" from their screening.

January 2024

Randers Regnskov

Malthe Bendtsen and Andreas Møllebjerg from iNANO go with Andreas Sommerfeldt from DTI to Randers Regnskov to sample plastic-degrading bacteria.

23.-24. April 2024

Forskningens Døgn

Daniel along with Malthe and Andreas gave lectures at the Town Hall (Forsamlingshuset) in Langkastrup and at Risskov Gymnasium with the title "Plastic Fantastic?"

20th December 2023

Radio interview with Daniel Otzen about plastic recycling

Radio interview (in Danish) with EnZync director Daniel Otzen about plastic recycling. Host: Radio4 on the programme "Missionen" (The Mission). The programme can be found at https://radio4.dk/podcasts/missionen (select the broadcast of 20.12.23) and Daniel is interviewed for 10 minutes (1 hr and 3 minutes into the programme).