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Troels Skrydstrup Group

  • Using gaseous molecules in combination with transition metals.
  • Utilizing two-chamber set-up for isotope labeling.
  • Using CO2 as a useful building block for important compounds used on an industrial scale.
  • Deconstruction of plastic and polymers.

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Welcome to Clemens!

We are very pleased to welcome Clemens Victor Kaussler to the group. He has just started as a PhD student and will work on CO2 related projects as part of the Novo Nordisk Foundation CO2 Research Center (CORC).

Publication in Chemistry European Journal

We have just published a method for Pd-catalyzed difluoromethylations of aryl boronic acids, halides and pseudohalides using ex situ generated CF2HI.


Publication in Biocunjugate Chem.

We have recently published work on new phenol esters for the acylation of amines, peptides and proteins in collaboration with Novo Nordisk! Give it a read.

Publication in ACIE!

- Publication

We have recently published a regioselective hydroalkylation involving a cooperative catalytic system consisting of nickel and copper. The method is applied for efficient C-C bond formation.

Give it a read by clicking on the picture.

New publication in JACS!

- Publication

We have just published a nickel-mediated alkoxycarbonylation for complete carbon isotope replacement! The developed procedure allows for the direct late stage synthesis of carbon isotope labeled aliphatic esters. Check it out by clicking on the picture.

Publication in ChemSusChem

- Publication

We have recently published the evaluation of manganese catalysts for the hydrogenative deconstruction of polyurethane.

Publication in OPRD!

- Publication

Read about how we prepare transition metal-based precatalysts from ex-situ generated gaseous reagents.

New publication in Chemistry European Journal

- Publication

Check our latest publication on nickel mediated thiocarbonylations.

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