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Staff in the Kurt Gothelf Lab

The Gothelf lab focuses mainly on bioconjugation using techniques from e.g. DNA-directed chemistry and DNA Origami.

Sebastian V. Markussen

Bachelor's student

Staff in the Ken Howard Lab

The Howard lab specialises in drug delivery, both biological barrier-specific drug delivery designs and albumin-based drug delivery. 

Staff in the Jørgen Kjems Lab

The Kjems lab have great expertise within, among other things, both nanoparticle-mediated gene delivery, eukaryotic gene expression, and bio imaging.

Josefine Bager Madsen

Master's student

Tony Lahoutte


email: research@lahoutte.com

phone:+32 (0)2 477 4991


Staff at Vrije University in Brussels

The Lahoutte Lab members are experts on in vivo cellular and molecular imaging.

Nick Devoogdt


Sophie Hernot


Pieterjan Debie