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CEMBID retreat 2019

In August, all CEMBID members were invited to participate in a two-day getaway in Himmerland. The program included both scientific sessions and social activities to strengthen collaborations among the group members.


CEMBID meeting at iNANO

The four principal investigators in CEMBID met at a two-day meeting at iNANO on 14-15 November 2018. 

The meeting included both an iNANO specialised lecture, scientific presentations from all partner laboratories, and scientific discussions.


CEMBID partners thank everyone who participated in the opening 

The official opening of CEMBID took place on March 19 and about 80 people participated I ceremony from 4-6 pm in the iNANO house.

The opening started with a one-hour ceremony in the iNANO auditorium, where CEMBID leader Kurt Gothelf welcomed all participants. Niels Chr. Nielsen, Dean of Science and Technology at Aarhus University, then gave a speech about the importance of the research that will be conducted in CEMBID. Director of iNANO Trolle Linderoth and Scientific Officer from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Jens Peter Lauritsen also talked before three of the four partners in CEMBID briefly introduced their research areas. 

Following the ceremony, all participants were invited for a tapas-style reception in the iNANO foyer.

Image collage to the left (photos by Roar Paaske):

Top panel: Group photo with, from left to right, Scientific Officer at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Jens Peter Lauritsen, Professor Jørgen Kjems, Professor Kurt Gothelf, Associate Professor Ken Howard, and Director of iNANO Trolle Linderoth.

Second panel: Dean of Science and Technology Jens Christian Nielsen, Scientific Officer Jens Peter Lauritsen, and Director of iNANO Trolle Linderoth.

Third panel: Professor and center leader of CEMBID Kurt Gothelf, Professor Jørgen Kjems, and Associate Professor Ken Howard. Professor Tony Lahoutte, who is the third partner in CEMBID, was unable to attend the opening.

Lower panel: Images from the reception.


 Read more about the opening on the website of Science and Technology (in Danish only)



"Swiss army knife pills"


The potential for the research now being addressed by the Center for Multifunctional Biomolecular Drug Design (CEMBID) at Aarhus University is enormous.

The goal is to create a new generation of drugs that can be used to diagnose and treat cancer and atherosclerosis - which together represent two thirds among the causes of death globally.

Read the full article at Science and Technology's website.


Please save the date for the official opening of CEMBID

On 19 March from 16-18, we will celebrate the opening of CEMBID. Therefore, please save the date until we have the full program and the registration opens. 


Millions to Develop Multi-Functional Drugs

Professor Kurt V. Gothelf has received DKK 60 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme to establish the Center for Multifunctional Biomolecular Drug Design (CEMBID). 

The aim of the new center is to pave the way for new types of drugs that are more effective, have fewer side effects, and can be adapted to the individual patient.

Read the full article at Science and Technology's website.