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Protein Biophysics (Prof. Daniel Otzen)

Daniel Otzen

Professor Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center - INANO-MBG, iNANO-huset
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Our research activities fall within 3 main areas, which all relate to the study of the kinetics and thermodynamics of protein conformational changes, namely membrane protein folding, protein-detergent interactions and protein fibrillation. These areas are linked by a keen interest in understanding the mechanistic and thermodynamic behaviour of proteins in different circumstances by quantifying the strength of internal side-chain interactions as well as contacts with solvent molecules, whether it be detergents, denaturants, stabilizing salts and osmolytes or lipids. Ultimately we hope this will lead to a greater manipulative ability vis-a-vis processes of both basic, pharmaceutical and industrial relevance. The general approach is to use available spectroscopic techniques (fluorescence, CD, stopped-flow, FTIR, NMR and dynamic and static light scattering) to generate data which can be analyzed in a quantitative manner to develop models and mechanisms for conformational changes at the molecular level.  


Dr. Edit Brodszkij receives EU funding for research in cell mimicry. Private photo.

2019.04.25 | iNano

Dr. Edit Brodszkij receives EU funding for research in cell mimicry

iNANO researcher, Dr. Edit Brodszkij, receives Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to design polymeric artificial organelles in Assoc. Prof. Brigitte Stadler's research group at iNANO.

Speakers and Nanoscience alumni, Søren Porsgaard, Simon Frølich, Sabrina Rostgaard Johannsen, Karthiga Panneerselvam along with Center Director Trolle Linderoth at iNANO Alumni Day 2019. (Photo by Lise R. L. Pedersen, AU)

2019.04.12 | iNano, Alumni

iNANO Alumni Day 2019

From process optimisation to development of healthcare products, new materials and sensors: The speakers represented very well the wide-ranging versatility of nanoscience graduates when 125 participants filled the iNANO auditorium at iNANO Alumni Day 2019.

Flemming Besenbacher, iNANO founder and Professor, appointed head of new think tank on the prevention of food waste and loss. (Photo by Roar Lava Paaske)

2019.04.10 | iNano

Professor Flemming Besenbacher head of new think tank on the prevention of food waste and food loss

Flemming Besenbacher, iNANO founder and Professor, will lead a new think tank, which will make Denmark a pilot country in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goal on food waste and loss.

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