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Danish Center for Ultrahigh Field NMR Spectroscopy

  • Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center and Department of Chemistry


Please contact the Laboratory manager for any discussion about how to implement NMR in your project. 

Dennis Wilkens Juhl

NMR laboratory manager

NMR service packages

In addition to the normal activities, the Center has introduced a series of Service packages. Read more here

Follow the link below to request a service package. 

Director of iNANO

Thomas Vosegaard

Centre Director, Professor

Center member

Jørgen Skibsted

Professor, Deputy Head of Department for Education

Center member

NMR Laboratory Manager

Dennis Wilkens Juhl

NMR laboratory manager

NMR Engineer

Oleg N. Bakharev

Academic Technical Staff

NMR manager

Four individual research groups constitute the core of the High-field NMR center showing a broad application of NMR within Natural sciences. Please visit the websites of the individual groups below.