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The center

The Danish Center for Ultrahigh-Field NMR Spectroscopy is the largest assembly of high-field spectrometers in Denmark and hosts among others the only 950 MHz spectrometer in Scandinavia.

The center is located partly at the Department of Chemistry and partly at the iNANO center at Aarhus University campus and counts a total of 10 state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers equipped for numerous purposes. 

Having an extremely broad profile, the Center will be able to help you in most cases where NMR is applicable. The description of our biggest workhorses and most specialized equipment below might give you an idea for how to implement NMR in your project, but don't hesitate to contact us for a discussion (see contact info below). A list of all NMR probes and equipment can be found here


­Liquid-state Cryo-probe for the 950 MHz spectrometer

This probe is by far the most used probe at the center. The sensitivity gain from the combination of ultrahigh field with a cryo-probe allows us to study systems not otherwise feasible. In total, a sensitivity gain of approximately 10 can be expected (100 times faster experiments) when comparing to a standard 400 MHz spectrometer.

The probe is used for structural elucidation of both folded proteins and IDPs, characterization of organic molecules and it is easily combined with a sample changer for metabolic studies. 

Solid-state Low-gamma 4 mm MAS probe for the 950 MHz spectrometer  

One of the major advantages about ultrahigh field NMR spectrometers is the increased sensitivity. This is especially relevant when studying nuclei with a low gyromagnetic ratio. The probe is fixed in a double resonance configuration with 1H and a broad banded X-channel with a tuning range between 40 MHz and 190 MHz (39K to 15N). Most often, the probe is used to characterize Magnesium in solid inorganic compounds. 

Solid-state Multi-purpose 2.5 mm MAS probe for the 950 MHz spectrometer

This probe has a fixed triple resonance configuration with a large number of possible combinations for the X- and Y-channels. Combinations like 1H-27Al-29Si, 1H-13C-15N, or 1H-31P-2H are among the most used ones. 

Liquid-state standard probe for the 500 MHz spectrometer

Biological solid-state probes for the 700 and 950 MHz spectrometer

HR-MAS probe for the 700 MHz spectrometer

Specialized probes and equipment

MRI probes for the 700 MHz spectrometer
Rheo insert for MRI probe
High-pressure insert
Insight-cell equipment
Probes for oriented samples