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Data access

All data recorded on the spectrometers is automatically uploaded to dedicated folders on the protected O-drive managed by AUIT. Access to folders on the O-drive is granted individually for each group and requires persons to have a valid auID:

Data from the spectrometer computers is synchronised every 5 minutes and is located in the "data" directory for the server.

To access the data on the O-drive you should use a computer on the AU network or connected via VPN. 

  • For Windows, type \\uni.au.dk\dfs into the “run” command (W+ r). 
  • For Mac, type smb://uni.au.dk/dfs into the “Connect to server” window (cmd + k)

The content on the O-drive is read-only and you therefore need to transfer your data to your computer before processing it.



Network drive name

300 MHz Varian 1512-XXX Nat_VAR300
400 MHz Bruker 1512-XXX Nat_Bruker400m
600 MHz Varian Nat_VAR600
400 MHz Bruker 1513-528 Nat_NMR1513-528
400 MHz Varian 1512-125 Nat_NMR1512-125
400 MHz Bruker 1590-315 Nat_NMR1590-315
400 MHz Bruker 1511-XXX Nat_Bruker400b
500 MHz Bruker 1511- Nat_Bruker500
700 MHz Bruker 1511- Nat_Bruker700
950 MHz Bruker 1593-xxx Nat_Bruker950