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Free access

Free access to The Danish Center for Ultrahigh field NMR spectroscopy

The Novo Nordisk foundation grant allowing for an upgrade of the 950 MHz console also provides funding allowing free access to the facilities at The Danish Center for Ultrahigh field NMR spectroscopy. We therefore encourage all potential users to apply for free access at our facility using the application form at nmr.au.dk.

The free access is covering spectrometer expenses; travel to and from the center, and accommodation in Aarhus and all applications will be evaluated by the local facility management before any access can be granted.

Conditions to follow:

  • Applications have to go through the website
  • Applications have to include a short description of the scientific significance of the experiments and the responsible PI has to confirm the application.
  • Accommodation will be at the cheapest local hotel with a SKI agreement (normally WakeUp). A maximum of two persons will be granted accommodation per visit.
  • Transport methods have to comply with the Aarhus University Travel policy (link)
  • Every publication including data from the center must acknowledge the access.

The local facility management will evaluate the amount granted for visits every 3 months and adjust the conditions if necessary.

Procedure for application and visits:

  • Fill the form on the website
  • Arrange dates for the visit
  • Arrange travel (the local management will book the hotel)
  • Prepare your samples
  • Come to run your experiments
  • Receive your data
  • Fill the form for travel expenses that you will receive from iNANO staff.