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16.4T (700 MHz) Bruker

Our most versatile Magnet with respect to applications. The magnet is equipped with Micro-imaging probes, a HR-MAS probe, several solid-state probes from 1.3 mm to 4 mm MAS and a TXI liquid-state probe. 

The magnet is actively shielded with wide bore and it is used for both liquids, solids and micro imaging. Equipped with:

  • 1H-X-Y 4 mm MAS probe
  • 1H-X-Y 2.5 mm MAS probe
  • 1H-13C-15N-2H 1.3 mm MAS probe (maximum spinning frequency: 67 kHz)
  • 1H-19F-X 2.5 mm MAS probe
  • 1H-31P-13C 4 mm HR-MAS probe
  • 1H-X-Y flat coil probe for oriented sample studies
  • 1H-13C-15N 5 mm TXI liquid state probe
  • Two probes for high field 1H and 19F micro imaging