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2019.09.23 | CellPAT

CellPAT annual meeting 2019

On September 12th-13th 2019, CellPAT held its second annual meeting at Hotel Ry in the scenic Danish Lake District (Søhøjlandet). Participants from all six partner labs were present to enjoy a dense program of scientific presentations and discussions. 

2019.05.23 | CellPAT

The Royal Society of Chemistry prize for CellPAT researcher

Congratulations to PhD student Heba Khateb who has received the Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry Prize for her poster presentation at International Symposium on Suprabiomolecular Systems (SupraBio 2019).

Image by Sebastiaan Zijl

2019.03.01 | CellPAT

CellPAT image featured by videnskab.dk

CellPAT's contribution to the 2019 DNRF photo contest is currently featured by Danish popular science website videnskab.dk and we're very excited to share our research with the general public. The image was taken by Sebastiaan Zijl in Fiona Watt's lab and shows human keratinocytes growing on a specifically patterned surface. Staining the cells for…

2019.02.10 | CellPAT

Søren Degn's lab joins CellPAT

Through his collaboration with Steffen Thiel’s lab at the Department of Biomedicine, Søren Degn’s lab (degnlab.au.dk) has been associated with CellPAT over the last year. We are happy to announce that as of Feb 1st2019 the Degn lab is a now an official partner lab in CellPAT. This addition will further strengthen the focus on immunity…

2019.02.05 | CellPAT

New AC-TAP in the Kjems lab

In mid-January, we welcomed a new academically trained research technician (AC-TAP), Junyi Su, in CellPAT director Jørgen Kjems’ lab. Junyi has a background in high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics and he will use this expertise to support a range of different projects within CellPAT. 

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