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Research areas

Simulations of NMR experiments

We have developed the SIMPSON simulation software program and continuously push the limits for the ability to simulate advanced NMR experiments, both by developing new simulation algorithms, combining Hilbert- and Liouville-space simulations, through a simplified flow-based simulation environment and by providing graphical user interfaces for visualization.    


We study lipids by different NMR methods, first we develop NMR-based lipidomics methods to identify and quantify lipids in complex mixtures from various sources. Second, we study the dynamic nature of lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions by various solid-state NMR methods. We develop lipidomics methods for all spectrometers from low- (1 T) to ultra-high-field (22.3 T) NMR systems.

Spectroscopy teaching tools

We are concerned about providing the best possible education next generation of NMR experts. Through development of novel technologies for teaching spectroscopy at all levels, we get knowledge about their exercise-solving strategies, which serves as valuable student feedback that may improve the learning process.