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Link to empty jsNMR window

jsNMR is a lightweight JavaScript-based spectrum viewer for one-dimensional NMR spectra that works on a variety of platforms. It is self-contained, so the spectrum data and viewer is contained in a single html file. In addition to visualisation of the spectrum, jsNMR may also transform the spectrum data into different file formats, e.g. SIMPSON spectrum, CSV file and PDF format, and it stores the raw data, so the spectrum can always be viewed in other programs. Features

  • Platform-independent, will run on both computers and portable devices
  • Visualize spectra
  • Zoom and pan
  • Peak picking
  • Phase spectrum
  • Peak integration
  • Export to other formats
  • Detailed help on the different features

We have prepared a couple of test files where you can see the possibilities of jsNMR

If you have an experimental spectrum as a zip file (only Bruker and Agilent are currently supported) that you want to try, you can either drop it on the empty viewer, or use the upload site below

Below you will find a couple of short videos describing different modes of use of jsNMR.

jsNMR is developed by Thomas Vosegaard.

jsNMR on a computer

jsNMR on a mobile device

jsNMR and computer simulations