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Information for prospective students in the Gothelf Lab

Information for Bachelor's students

At Aarhus University, chemistry students on their 3-year bachelor's degree spend the last 6 months doing an experimental project in the lab.

In the Gothelf lab, each student is assigned a mentor, either an experienced Master's student or a PhD student. The Bachelor's project is a small project related to the mentor's project. 

The Bachelor's students also take part in the weekly group meetings in the group. By the end of the semester, each student will give a presentation about their project at the group meeting.

Information for Master's students

In the final year of a two-years Master's study at Aarhus University, chemistry students work on a 1-year experimental project in the lab. 

Master's students in the Gothelf lab are mentored by a PhD student doing a related project in addition to the supervision by Kurt Gothelf. 

It is also possible for international students to do their experimental Master's project in our lab if it is compatible with their home university's programme.

Information for PhD students

PhD students in the Gothelf group most often have a background in chemistry however depending on the project students from chemical engineering, nanoscience, pharmacology and molecular biology are also accepted.  

The Graduate School of Science and Technology at Aarhus University offers different possibilities for becoming a PhD student.

The PhD programme is either 3 years or 5 years depending on your educational background. Most often, the programme is 3 years long and based on a Master's degree. In some cases, you can be admitted based on a Bachelor's degree with or without merits for Master's courses.