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iNANO Alumni

Who can join?

The AU Alumni Network is for all bachelor's, master's and PhD graduates from the educational programmes at AU as well as former employees.

The iNANO LinkedIn Alumni Groups are for former and current students with minimum a bachelor's, a master's or a PhD degree in Nanoscience. Also current and former post docs employed at iNANO are encouraged to join.

Why join?

What is in it for you?:

  • Expand and maintain your professional network 
  • Keep up to date with the latest research in Nanoscience. 
  • Maintain and develop a lifelong academic interest in Nanoscience.
  • Stay informed of future alumni activities. 

What is in it for iNANO?:

You, as iNANO alumni constitute a gold mine of information from outside the university. We believe that this contact between researchers and students at iNANO and alumni may pave the way for new projects and new ideas for research and solutions for grand challenges.

Thereby, with your experience you can contribute to the development of the study and research environment at iNANO.