Aarhus University Seal

Members of the iNANO secretariat

Head of secretariat

Committee roles:

  • Member of iNANO Management Team, including administrative support
  • Member of cooperation committee
  • Member of and administrative support to the iNANO House Committee
  • Administrative support to the research committee
  • Member of the health and safety committee and minute taker
  • Member of the network for heads of secretariat at NAT
  • Member of AU network for heads of secretariat


  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of the secretariat including the student helpers
  • Management support to head of center
  • Administrative support in connection with announcement and hiring of permanent scientific and technical-administrative staff
  • Liaison person for NAT-TECH Administration Center
  • Purchase coordinator
  • Responsible for allocation of office spaces
  • Receiver of cc mails for application forms to RejsUD/CWT & INDFAK
  • Responsible for signing applications for credit cards (by power of attorney from head of center)
  • Responsible for registration of MTAs, CDAs, etc. in Workzone
  • Proofreader of iNANO Review, manuscripts, etc.
  • Superuser in PURE

Student helpers, information desk


Office: 1590-218
Phone: +45 23827501
Email: helpers@inano.au.dk


  • Access cards and keys
  • Ordering catering to meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Preparing for and tidying up after meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Tidying the kitchens and washing the dishes
  • Responsible for updating iNANO's database & IDM
  • Service and clean the coffee machine
  • Cleaning the refrigerators, microwaves and furniture
  • Descaling kettles and coffee machine
  • Overall mail service
  • Office supplies, including purchase
  • Lend of projectors, pointers, wires, etc.
  • Scanning and printing of documents
  • Conference preparation and assistance
  • Ordering of toners for the printers and maintenance of the printers
  • Purchase of books
  • Editor of foyer screens

HR including holidays & absence, seminar and booking administration

Committee roles:

  • Member of the cooperation committee
  • Administrative support to the cooperation committee
  • Administrative support to iNANO's Seminar Committee
  • Responsible for registration of holiday and absence
  • Responsible for resources (meeting rooms)
  • Responsible for coordinating iNANO Distinguished lectures and specialised lectures
  • Editor of iNANO News
  • Editor of foyer screens
  • Responsible for iNANO Annual Meeting
  • Administrative support in connection with announcement and hiring of temporary scientific and technical-administrative staff
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Superuser roles: Workzone, AU webshop, ConferenceManager

Studies administration (BSc, MSc, Ph.D. - nanoscience educational programme)

Committee roles:

  • Administrative support to iNANO's PhD Committee
  • Observer on iNANO's Eductional Committee
  • Member and coordinator for iNANO's Social Committee
  • Member of iNANO's Diversity and Gender Equality Committee
  • Member of and administrative support for iNANO's  Outreach Committee

Local PhD administration

  • Contact person for GSNS
  • Responsible for iNANO School's homepage
  • Coordinator for PhD courses
  • PhD teaching
  • Administrative support to head of iNANO's PhD Committee

Local study administration

  • Administrative support to chair of iNANO's Eductional Committee
  • Coordinator for workshops and other student related activities 
  • Course revision and administration
  • Student retention and well-being

Responsible for iNANO's database

Funding support

Committee roles:

  • Administrative support to the iNANO/Chemistry's business committee
  • Member of iNANO's Research Committee
  • Member of the NAT Fundraising Network
  • Member of the RSO Fundraiserforum
  • Observer at the Academic Council, Natural Sciences

Scientific Coordinator at iNANO

  • Div. ad hoc tasks

Administrative support in application writing:

  • Budgets
  • Support letters
  • Feedback, writing support on general and scientific contents
  • Bibliometrics
  • Other formalities
  • Contact with funding bodies and co-applicants


  • Information about public and private funding possibilities (national/international)
  • Info screen funding slides
  • Funding opportunity emails

Funding programmes:

  • Contact with funding bodies about current and upcoming programs and strategies
  • Searches in research professional and other databases for specific funding possibilities
  • Contact for Marie Curie Master Class at iNANO

Responsible for coordinating research efforts and strategies:

  • Contact, coordination and meetings with Research Support Office/Head of Department

Registration of research applications and documents:

  • ReAp
  • Workzone 

Responsible for Brainnovation Day

Administrative support in reporting of research projects to funding agencies

Communication and outreach

Committee roles:

  • Member of the Faculty of Natural Sciences' and Faculty of Technical Sciences' editorial communication team
  • Deputy chairman of iNANO's committee for Outreach
  • Member of Faculty of Natural Sciences' steering group for student recruitment
  • Chairman of Faculty of Natural Sciences' committee for online communication for prospective students
  • Member of Faculty of Natural Sciences' committee for high school-oriented activities
  • Member of Faculty of Natural Sciences' Career Forum

Responsible for PR & Communications

  • Research dissemination
  • iNANO social media manager (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)

Outreach and Student recruitment

  • iNANO student recruitment activities
  • Nanoscience social media manager (Instagram, Facebook)

Student retention and alumni activities

  • Coordinating events and workshops
  • Managing iNANO's LinkedIn alumni groups

Quantum Campus Aarhus

  • Administrative coordinator

Occupational Health and Safety at iNANO

Trade union representative alternate (DM, DJØF, Pharma Danmark, IDA)

Communication and outreach

Committee roles:

  • Member of iNANO's committee for Occupational Health and Safety

iNANO webmaster

  • Responsible for overall layout & content of iNANOs website (external and internal)
  • TYPO3 superuser
  • Web support for local web editors at iNANO

Outreach and Student recruitment

  • Responsible for iNANO's Visiting Service (10-11 employed nanoscience students and 2-3 PhDs students facilitating visits by students from primary and secondary school)

Quantum Campus Aarhus

  • Administrative coordinator