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Elena Ferapontova receives grant

Environmental Biosensor Development

Rapid detection of bacteria, virus, fungi or protozoa is the first step in protecting human health. However, available detection methods often require days to weeks. The Danish Council of Independent Research (FTP) has granted funds for the development of ultrasensitive electrochemical biosensor nanotechnology for rapid, species-specific and sensitive quantification of diverse pathogenic microorganisms in air and water at their attomolar concentrations. This nanotechnology will be cost-effective, easy-to-handle, ultra-sensitive, and will allow rapid and simultaneous quantification of several different organisms in environmental monitoring of drinking water supplies, recreational waters, and hospital and city air.

The project is performed in collaboration with the Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology group, Environmental Science, Roskilde, Danish sensor-producing company Unisense, pump-producing Grundfos, and air-analyzer producer TSI Inc., USA.